The Fine Print (Things to know)

Date Last Modified: 2024-04-10

Membership, Passes and Access Cards:

Chicopee reserves the right to revoke the Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket privileges of any person not complying with the rules of the Alpine Responsibility Code. The Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket may be removed by any of our Management, Employees, Patrollers, or Instructors for improper behaviour.

All Memberships/Passes/Cards/Tickets must always be worn and visible. Any Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket holder loaning, obtaining, or granting permission to anyone using their Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket is committing a serious offence punishable by law. The Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket will be forfeited, and criminal charges may apply.

Chicopee reserves the right to revoke the Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket privileges of any person acting in an unsafe, disrespectful, or improper manner. The Membership/Pass/Card/Ticket may be suspended and/or removed by any of our Management, Employees, Patrollers, or Instructors.

Memberships/Passes/Cards are valid until the end of the season (March).

Full Memberships, Season Passes, Legends, Legend+, and Tots are entitled to unlimited skiing and snowboarding during the season’s regular hours of operation (Monday-Sunday 9:00am to 9:00pm).

SUPERLite Cards are valid starting on the first Monday in January after the holidays. SUPERLite card holders can ski or snowboard from Monday-Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm, and Saturday-Sunday 3:00pm to 9:00pm).

SUNLite Cards are valid starting on the first Monday in January after the holidays. SUNLite card holders can ski or snowboard Monday-Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm.

STARLite Cards are valid starting on the first Monday in January after the holidays. STARLite card holders can ski or snowboard Monday-Friday 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

All members, passholders, and cardholders will be required to sign a waiver. If under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign the waiver.

Proof of age and address are required for pass pick-up.

Membership/Pass/Card status does not apply to any offers or discounts on school or group visits. Membership and Pass discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

Lost Memberships/Passes/Cards will be charged a replacement fee.

Lift & Hill Closures:

Management reserves the right to close lifts and/or facilities at any time for special events, inclement weather, or business slow down. All rates and hours are subject to change.

Equipment Lock Up:

All equipment should be locked up. Chicopee is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment or items.

Equipment in the Chalet & on the Deck:

All equipment must be left outside on the main level, and racks are provided for this purpose. Equipment may not be brought into the chalet, or up onto the deck and balcony.

The only exception is for full sized member locker users, who are permitted to bring their equipment in via the main floor hallway for storage in their personal locker.

Seasonal Lockers:

Seasonal lockers are available in the lower main hall to members only. Members who renew their memberships and pay for their seasonal locker by April 30, will have first right of refusal. Members wishing to have a seasonal locker will be added to a waitlist when they purchase their membership. A lottery will take place for any locker openings on December 1, and successful candidates will be contacted for payment.

Day Use Lockers:

Lockers are available in the locker room (located on the second floor, off the deck). These lockers are a pay per use ($1), per entry. Chicopee is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. The key used for the lockers has a $50 (+HST) replacement fee. 

Helmet Policy:

In the interest of safety, all camp, lesson, and lesson program participants, racers, and freestyle terrain users are required to wear a helmet. The Chicopee Rental Shop has an adequate supply of helmets for rent. Chicopee continues to strongly recommend helmets for all guests. Helmets must be ski and snowboard specific, properly fitted and certified.

Backpack/Bag/Harness/Personal Belongings Policy:

For the safety of our riders we do not permit any item attached to our guest when riding lifts. The includes, but is not limited to: backpacks, purses, bags, harnesses, tethers, padding, teaching tools on equipment or attached to riders, etc.

There are storage facilities for these items while you are riding.

We offer lessons and programs to replace teaching tools.

Skiers & Snowboarders ONLY on the Hill:

Only guests with ski and snowboard equipment on may be on the hill. That means no walking traffic is permitted on the hill surface. Spectators are welcome to stay in the chalet, on the deck, on the asphalted surfaces, or at the very bottom of the hill (behind the signs that state you must be in equipment past this point).

Equipment Permitted:

Traditional styled skis must have a certified and indemnified structured binding. The binding must have a functioning braking system and be indemnified for the current season by a major manufacturer. The equipment must also have metal edges and be in good working order.

Non-traditional skis and products (ex: Snowfeet, Snowblades, Ski Skates, Goofy Feet, etc.) with clamp style bindings, ratchet style systems, strapping systems, etc. must have metal edges and be tethered to the rider, with a safety strap.

Skis must be worn with a proper ski boot.

Poles must have pole baskets for safety.

Snowboards must have metal edges, be in good working order, have a major manufacturer binding system. A leash is recommended. Leashes will be mandatory starting in the 2025-2026 Season.

Snowboards must be worn with a proper snowboard boot.

Food & Beverage Seating:

Chicopee has a full service restaurant (Silvertip Lounge) and cafeteria (Chicopee Hall). Guests using the table space in our cafeteria are not permitted to have outside food and beverage. Self brought food may be consumed on the deck or in your vehicle.