Why You Should Take a Lesson - Private Lessons Sales Start Tomorrow!


Chicopee has lessons for every ability. The wait is almost over, private lesson sales for the 2021/22 winter season open on December 10, 2021!

Whether you’re an established skier/snowboarder or you’re looking to learn something new, Chicopee has lessons for everyone! The wait is almost over – Private Lesson sales start TOMORROW (December 10, 2021). Read on to learn why a private lesson is right for you!

Learning new skills can be frustrating at any age, that’s why instructor certification courses focus on developing teaching skills. Instructors are full of tips and tricks to help make the learning process easy and fun. They know how to break down the movements and give you feedback to make the initial learning curve less of a struggle.

Even if you’re an intermediate or advanced skier/snowboarder, there are always more skills to develop and perfect. Instructors are able to answer your questions and help improve your technique. The more you work on developing and improving your skills, the more confidence you’ll have when travelling to other hills.

An instructor can help you accomplish something you never thought possible! Always wanted to hit that jump in the terrain park, but not quite sure how to approach it? An instructor can help you build confidence on new terrain, while teaching you how to stay safe and have fun.

Snow school instructors are passionate about their sport – their goal is to share that love with you by helping you to have the most fun possible. Whether you’re working on technical skills or its your first time on the slopes, a lesson is a great way to get you to fall in love with skiing/snowboarding.

For more information on private lessons, click HERE and scroll down to the Private Lesson section!