Staff Feature: Snow School


Get to know some of the Chicopee Team Members over the next few weeks as we conduct interviews in different departments around the hill.

Elise - Ski Instructor

How many years have you worked at Chicopee?

"This is my second year as a ski instructor and prior to that, I participated in the volunteer program!"

What’s your favourite part about being a Ski Instructor?  

"I love getting to meet and interact with new people and love to watch them grow and develop their skills."

What does a regular day in your life at Chicopee look like?

"Every day looks a little different. It can be anything from toddlers experiencing their first time on skis, to intermediate skiers looking to develop their skills further. Regardless of skill level or age, my days are spent helping instill a love and passion for being on the slopes!"

One fun-fact you’d like to share about yourself: 

 "I am the youngest of 6 siblings who all ski or snowboard!"