Staff Feature: Food & Beverage


Get to know some of the Chicopee Team Members over the next few weeks as we conduct interviews in different departments around the hill.

Davian - Server

How many years have you worked at Chicopee?

"This is currently my sixth season!"

What’s your favourite part about your job?  

"My favourite part of my job is the people – both the ones I work with and our guests. I love hearing guests speak another language (I’ve heard Russian, Polish, Finnish, Spanish, and German around the club) and love to surprise them with a phrase in their language, which always leads to forging better relationships with our members and lounge regulars. I also love coming back every season and seeing familiar faces among our staff, it’s cliché, but we really are a big Chicopee family!"

What does a regular day in your life at Chicopee look like?

"A regular day either looks like operating the lifts or serving our guests in the Silvertip Lounge, depending on my role for the season– but I’m more excited by the irregular days. I’ve been pulled to help work in the rental shop, guest services, and even to assist the janitorial staff – and this season is the first time I’m working in the kitchen due to COVID closing our lounge to indoor dining. Getting to see how every part of Chicopee operates first-hand and how everyone is working their hardest all over the property to make everything work seamlessly for our guests, makes it all the more fulfilling to work here."

One fun-fact you’d like to share about yourself: 

 "I’ve been to 17 countries!"