Spring Skiing/Snowboarding Tips


As the weather gets warmer, the snow will be different from what you're used to. Keep reading to learn how to stay safe while skiing/snowboarding in the spring!

Although the Chicopee’s winter season is nearing its end, there are many places you can still enjoy the snow! Keep in mind that as the weather gets warmer, the snow will be different from what you might be used to. Keep reading for some spring skiing/snowboarding tips!

  1. Adjust your stance. Try to keep your body more relaxed to absorb any unexpected bumps. Be ready to adjust your stance to varying snow consistencies.
  2. Wax your equipment often with temperature appropriate wax. This will keep you sliding in warmer weather.
  3. Don’t force your turns or stops, you’ll end up catching your edges in the softer snow.
  4. Dress in layers for varying temperatures.  
  5. Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunglasses or goggles, and sunscreen!
  6. Protect your skin if you fall. Spring corn snow is ground up ice that can cut you.
  7. Challenge yourself while the snow is more forgiving. Ride some moguls and steeper terrain in softer and slower spring snow.
  8. Take breaks or call it a day when you get tired.

Stay safe, and have fun!