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Activity & Snow Report

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Snow Report

Date & Time: Feb 18, 2019 - 4:19 am Natural Snow: 5 cm
Status: Open # of Lifts Open: 5 / 5
Surface Conditions: Machine Groomed Powder # of Trails Open 11 / 11
Freestyle Park
Check Hours
1 / 1 Average Base 50cm-70cm cm
Winter Disc Golf: Open Snowmaking in Last 24 Hours No

Snow Notes:
Please note: Terrain Park Opens At 9am.


Lift Status Servicing
Littlefoot (Magic Carpet Lift) Open
Tenderfoot (Double Chairlift) Open
North (Quad Chairlift) Open
Apple Bowl (Triple Chairlift) Open
Bearfoot (Magic Carpet Lift) Open


Trail Status Difficulty
Kids Zone Open
Littlefoot Open
Tenderfoot Open
Camel's Hump Open
Easy Rider Open
North Open
Mic Mac Open
Chicane Open
Roughshod Open
Apple Bowl Open
Racer's Alley Open

Terrain Park

Park Status Difficulty
Freestyle Park Open

The snow & activity report is updated daily based on the conditions at Chicopee. As the weather changes throughout the day, so do the conditions of the hill.

Surface Conditions Explained:

New Powder – More than 5 cm new snow with no significant drifting. Ungroomed and untracked at opening time.

Packed Powder – Machine packed after a fresh fall, no time limit, providing the surface does not become hard.

Machine Groomed Powder – Conditioned with the power tiller or powder maker, etc. to provide a relatively loose uniform surface.

Hard Pack – Very dense, hard surface, even after grooming with powder maker. (Surface fluff covers real base)

Frozen Granular – Solid, crusty, textured surface. Refrozen corn.

Machine Groomed Granular – Loose, uniform surface or granular snow created by machine grooming frozen granular or hard pack.

Wet Snow – Snow which is moist, heavy and sticky and which clings together when compacted.

Icy – Large areas of hard ice or after freezing rain storm. A ski pole will not penetrate or stand supported by the surface alone.

Corn Snow – When temperature is above freezing and corn snow is loose, not packing.

Spring Conditions – Temperature is above 5C, granular snow. Any amount of bare areas provided more than 50% of skiable terrain is open, and runs are skiable more than 6 meters wide at narrowest point on every run.