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Activity & Snow Report

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Customer Service Notice

(April 30, 2021 - 9:00 am)


Chicopee property is closed to the public but Guest Services is available via email []

We have decided, as a result of the current COVID situation to forgo our summer activities again this year. It was a very difficult decision but one we feel necessary.
We thank-you for your continued support and understanding in these precarious times.

The snow & activity report is updated daily based on the conditions at Chicopee. As the weather changes throughout the day, so do the conditions of the hill.

Surface Conditions Explained:

New Powder – More than 5 cm new snow with no significant drifting. Ungroomed and untracked at opening time.

Packed Powder – Machine packed after a fresh fall, no time limit, providing the surface does not become hard.

Machine Groomed Powder – Conditioned with the power tiller or powder maker, etc. to provide a relatively loose uniform surface.

Hard Pack – Very dense, hard surface, even after grooming with powder maker. (Surface fluff covers real base)

Frozen Granular – Solid, crusty, textured surface. Refrozen corn.

Machine Groomed Granular – Loose, uniform surface or granular snow created by machine grooming frozen granular or hard pack.

Wet Snow – Snow which is moist, heavy and sticky and which clings together when compacted.

Icy – Large areas of hard ice or after freezing rain storm. A ski pole will not penetrate or stand supported by the surface alone.

Corn Snow – When temperature is above freezing and corn snow is loose, not packing.

Spring Conditions – Temperature is above 5C, granular snow. Any amount of bare areas provided more than 50% of skiable terrain is open, and runs are skiable more than 6 meters wide at narrowest point on every run.