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2021 Beach Volleyball Season: CLOSED

Chicopee offers 4 Olympic regulation beach volleyball courts featuring the highest quality Hutcheson V sand renowned for staying soft and dry.

League play is available nightly Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

Captains Meeting: To be held on Tuesday May 28th, 2019.

(REC teams will meet at 6pm | Competitive teams will meet at 7pm)

The league starts on the 5th and June 6th respectively and will go for 13 total weeks.  There will be 11 weeks of regular season play and 2 weeks of the postseason.

Teams will play 2 games nightly, with one break.

Competitive and Recreation teams will alternate weeks which teams start at 6:30.

An example would be:


Recreation team play at 6:30pm, and 8:10pm

Competitive team play at, 7:20pm and 8:10pm


Competitive team play at 6:30pm, and 8:10pm

Recreation team play at, 7:20pm and 9:00pm


Registration will be held to 2019 League teams until April 1st, then outside teams will be allowed to register.  32 team limit

League prizing includes team jerseys on us!

NOTE: 100$ for teams that are not registered for the Chicopee Beach Volleyball season



Wednesday or Thursday Co-ed Recreational 6’s: For players who are here for a social and friendly match each night.

Wednesday or Thursday Co-ed Intermediate/Competitive 6’s: For players who have that competitive bone. This is a co-ed league for skilled volleyball players who most likely played high school volleyball and can execute bump, set, smash on most exchanges.  Most players can serve overhand and underhand with average accuracy. Teams are out to win, but more importantly, have a competitive match each night.

2019 Schedules

Beach Volleyball Wednesday Schedule: 2019

Beach Volleyball Thursday Schedule: 2019

2019 Beach Volleyball Standings

Wednesday Standings (Week 11)

Thursday Standings (Week 11)

DayLeagueUntil April 30thUntil April 30thAfter April 30th
(Full Season)
Intermediate - Competitive 6’s
Each team receives a
Molson Beverage
signing bonus
and a
Chicopee Access Card

$585 per team
$635 per team
(Full Season)
Recreational 6’s$585 per team
$635 per team
(Full Season)
Intermediate - Competitive 6’s$585 per team
$635 per team
(Full Season)
Recreational 6’s$585 per team
$635 per team

Plus applicable tax.