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Canadian Ski Patrol

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Canadian Ski Patrol General Information

The Canadian Ski Patrol(CSP), is a non profit volunteer-based national organization providing first aid and rescue services to ski resorts across Canada. The CSP also provides first aid to many seasonal resorts and various community events outside of the ski environment.

The CSP is comprised of highly trained volunteer and professional members. Duties of a Ski Patroller include risk management, safety operations, customer service and accident investigation.

All members are required to certify on an annual basis in both first aid and rescue techniques. The CSP creates and maintains its own training materials for certifying its members.

Role of the Canadian Ski Patroller

Patrollers ensure that trails and surrounding areas are free from danger, they promote safe snow sliding practices through interactions with the snow sliding public.

Ski Patrol certified instructor/trainers train members in every facet of first aid and accident site management. All Patrollers are also qualified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen therapy, chair lift evacuation procedures and where applicable, automatic electronic defibrillator (AED). Each member is certified to the CSP first aid course and on Hill/Trail toboggan training. Members of the CSP provide first aid and emergency services on the trail or wherever help is required.

In mountainous regions, where avalanches can occur, the CSP teaches avalanche specific search and rescue techniques in conjunction with the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA ).

Mission Statement - Ontario Division

"We of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, Ontario Division, are committed to support the system through leadership and training. We strive to create opportunities for members to develop their skills, and to promote their personal growth in an enjoyable and professional environment."

What to expect

To join the CSP there is a cost for your annual membership fee, refer to your specific zone for details. No experience is necessary to become a member of the system, the system will properly train you.

You are not limited to skiing, the CSP trains individuals using snowboard, telemark, Nordic, and mini skis. First aid only training is also available, the course is recognized and approved by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

As a member of the CSP you will be provided many opportunities to improve your leadership, communication, organizational and other skills. Patrollers may ski at various resorts for free, please refer to the Ontario Division web page for details.

Ski Patrol Prerequisites

· Must be 18 years of age or older
· Advanced intermediate level skiier/boarder or higher
· Enjoy helping people
· Work well with others
· Enjoy the outdoors

Important Links

CSP National Link: http://www.CSPS.ca
CSP Western Zone: http://canskipatrol.com
CSP Ontario Division: http://skipatrol.on.ca