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Chicopee Patrol General Information

Chicopee Patrol is proudly affiliated with the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) providing first aid and rescue services to ski resorts across Canada. The CSP is a national organization comprising of highly trained volunteer and professional members providing rescue services and safety education for ski areas and non-skiing events across Canada.

The Chicopee Patrol had been affiliated with providing first aid services only during the winter months. Chicopee started a new emphasis on operating as a year round resort. They expanded their facilities to provide area residents with new recreational activities. Chicopee introduced a bike park, mountain bike trails, adventure challenge course, tennis, beach volleyball and summer camps expanding the need for patrol members to volunteer first aid services during the summer months as well as winter.

Joining the Chicopee Patrol

The Chicopee Patrol offers individuals the opportunity to become members of a national organization of highly trained Medical Responders/Rescuers. As a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) you will be provided opportunities to develop both individually and as part of a team.

The Chicopee Patrol and CSP welcomes all individuals interested in qualifying to become members of the winter patrol. Your application is received as a general member of the CSP. Upon successful completion of the training program you may apply to the resort of your choice where you wish to volunteer.

Applications may be obtained directly from members of the Chicopee Ski Patrol or by visiting the CSP National web site.

Important Links

CSP National Link: http://www.CSPS.ca
CSP Western Zone: http://canskipatrol.com
CSP Ontario Division: http://skipatrol.on.ca

Contact Information

Mike Smith and Kao Saechao
Email at: skipatrol@chicopee.ca