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Board of Directors

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Meet the Board of Directors

Brad Duench
President of the Board of Directors

Chris Perkins
Past President

Shane Fedy
Secretary / Treasurer
Chair, Finance Committee

Steve Carney
Vice President
Chair, Governance Committee

Steve Lockner
Chair, Fundraising Committee

Lee Kieswetter

Moni Lagonia

Brent McDermott

Richard Parent

Jim Eso

Become a Board Member


The Chicopee Ski Club (“Chicopee”) is seeking individuals to join its Board of Directors.  Members who feel they have the appropriate skills to actively contribute to Chicopee’s ongoing success are invited to apply.  Directors must be able to exercise sound business judgment and act as a prudent fiduciary in a complex organization responsible for significant human and financial resources.

Chicopee was established in 1934 as a not-for-profit organization providing winter recreation on its 165 acres to the residents of Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and beyond.  Chicopee currently boasts nearly 5,000 members/pass holders in the winter alone.  In addition to skiing and snowboarding; tennis, mountain biking, disc golf, beach volleyball and children’s summer camps are also provided. 

A very active Board of Directors at Chicopee provides the leadership and governance to oversee the organization on behalf of its community stakeholders.  A qualified Senior Management Team, led by the CEO, is in place to direct all operational aspects of the organization.  Board members are expected to actively participate in meetings of the full board and sub-committee meetings as well as ad hoc matters as dictated by the needs of the organization. Current directors and senior management have developed a strategic plan which is revisited periodically through in-depth sessions. 

Potential directors will likely have previous board experience in addition to experience demonstrating business skills including finance, marketing or human resources.  Team players who are able to deal constructively with differences of opinion while respecting the consensus of the group will enjoy sharing the current Board’s passion for Chicopee and its role in the community.  The Chicopee Board aims to represent the diversity of its members and the community and will strive to recruit directors with specific skills that will assist the Board in its decision making processes. 

Directors serve for a two (2) year term for a maximum three (3) terms. The executive is chosen from the current Board.

Official nomination forms may be picked up at the Chicopee Administration Offices at 396 Morrison Road, Kitchener; or by calling (519) 894-1166. Completed nominations forms, signed by the eligible nominators and nominee, must be received at the Administration Office of Chicopee at 396 Morrison Road, Kitchener, Ontario N2A 2Z6 before September 30th, each year at Noon.

All nominations must be signed by a Mover and Seconder of the Nomination, both of whom must be voting members of the Chicopee Ski Club and in good standing and by the Nominee acknowledging willingness to accept the Nomination. Please ensure that you thoroughly review the Nomination Form prior to completion.

For further information on these opportunities please contact:

Bill Creighton
396 Morrison Road, Kitchener, Ontario N2A 2Z6
(Phone): 519 894-1166 (Fax): 519-894-5611
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.